“Technology alone is not enough–it’s technology married with liberal arts,
married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our hearts sing.”

— Steve Jobs


With 25 years of experience from the forefront of brand and content development, strategic communications, interactive media development and technical solutions for clients ranging from major global brands such as Ericsson, Sony, Virgin, Nokia and BMG, leading non-profit organizations such as the National Wildlife Federation, the Atlas Network, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise as well as government agencies, state institutions, think tanks and humanitarian organizations, we combine the power of creative communication and brand- and business strategy with strong ideas, vivid storytelling and the latest communication technology to inform, inspire and engage – achieving communication and strategic business goals for our clients by energizing and elevating brands, messaging and causes.

Our expertise in creating concepts, strategy and content, and from developing digital media and emerging technologies, enables us to create rich, engaging, high end content and solutions for new media channels.

We create and shape interactive media technology to create long-lasting, compelling communication platforms, enabling our clients and partners to reach wider audiences, and engage more deeply with their core target groups.


Awarded for our creative and effective strategic international communications, we develop strategies, platforms, campaigns and partnerships to reach brand- and business goals, using strong concepts and innovative brand development.


As creative directors and producers, we create engaging, compelling  media content with our world-class teams.

We specialize in producing digital media, managing all aspects needed to create modern, compelling media for any channel, including deployment – ranging from apps to web, film, graphic design and print, social media and virtual/augmented reality.


Digital technology is our lifeblood. Our mastery of fast-moving, underlying technologies and our passion for exploring new channels enable us to create effective, efficient and creative solutions for any platform.


We create long-lasting, compelling communication platforms using new media in combination with traditional marketing tools, enabling our clients and partners to reach wider audiences, and engage more deeply with their core target groups.



Camilla Andersson is an entrepreneur/founder and producer with 25 years of experience from interactive development, design and building strategic communication platforms and brands, services and products. She has a passion for pushing boundaries with emerging technologies, storytelling, interactive media solutions/innovations, and virtual reality/immersive experiences

Camilla has worked with a wide range of international clients, from governments, NGOs, think tanks and non-profits to major international brands such as Sony, BMG, Virgin Music, Ericsson and Nokia, conceptualizing, developing and producing a broad spectrum of strategic communications, cross-media campaigns/platforms, media/mobile solutions, services and events.

Camilla is the founder and developer of many influential ventures, e.g. legendary electronic music pioneer Ohm Records and interactive media production company Hypnosis. She has conceptualized and developed many media services, including grundbreaking online music and film distribution platform HyperMedia, whose music service Hypermusic sold the world’s first digital music file over the Internet, and whose BootlegTV service was first to distribute high-quality digital music videos online. She also developed Hypermovies, a fiber broadband Internet-based short film service for Europe’s leading fiber broadband operators, as well as online film services for the Swedish Post Office and other clients.

With a strong interest in increasing awareness and enabling voices for democracy and human rights, Camilla has been instrumental in initiating several international human rights and history-focused initiatives. She is co-founder of the International Platform of European Memory and Conscience, often working in the European Union parliament as well as with national parliaments and government institutions in cooperation with embassies, NGOs and cultural and historical institutions.

A firm believer in the power of storytelling in virtual reality, she is currently producing several cinematic VR documentaries about e.g. the LA River, the resurgence of downtown Los Angeles, and the about saving the mountain lions of Los Angeles.

She is awarded the Presidential Order of Terra Mariana by the President of Estonia Mr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves, and the Sir John Templeton Freedom Award for Excellence in International Public Relations, brand and business development.


Anders Hjemdahl is a creative technologist, interactive media developer and communication strategist with over 25 years of experience, with a special interest in emerging technologies, 3D visualization and virtual reality.

Anders has worked as a creative director, producer and developer for a wide range of interactive media projects since the early 1990s, working for international clients ranging from governments, NGOs, tech companies, the music industry, universities, think tanks and non-profits to major international brands.

With extensive experience from visualization and digital media production, he co-founded communications and media development company Hypnosis together with Camilla Andersson in 1995, and in 1999 co-founded HyperMedia, the first international online music, film and media platform, becoming first in the world to sell digital music online.

Having a strong interest in history and human rights, Anders Hjemdahl is the founder of The Far Shore project, co-founder of Prague and Brussels based NGO The Platform Of European Memory And Conscience, and co-founder of the IICC.

In 2009 he was awarded the Templeton Freedom Awards by the Atlas Foundation for his international work, and in 2011 was awarded the Cross of Terra Mariana by Estonian President Toomas Ilves, the highest Estonian order awarded to non-Estonians. He has also been nominated for The Golden Egg Award for his interactive work, and is featured with in the Swedish Design – 100 Years encyclopedia for his mathematic art.

Anders produces, designs and consults for Virtual Reality and other digital art and communications projects for a wide range of clients. He is a life long nature and space exploration enthusiast, and lives in Los Angeles, California.

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