Dubbed the Singapore of the North, few countries in the world have undergone a more dramatic and fundamental transformation than Estonia in the past 25 years.

Not only has the independence and identity of this small country literally been resurrected, Estonia has gone from being an all but forgotten corner of northern Europe, languishing under Soviet occupation, to in record time becoming a model of Nordic modernity and prosperity, achieved through a fearless and relentlessly dynamic culture of innovation that is embraced most vehemently by the younger generations.

Literally starting with nothing, Estonia has not only recovered in record time, but has become a world leading inspiration and role model for the new, limitless possibilities of the digital age.

The intense wave of positive transformation represents a unique time in Estonian history, and is a fascinating, multifaceted story.

This time of changes has been initiated and led by number of Estonian innovators, who have gone on to become world leading entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, e.g. with companies like Skype.

Their unique experiences and their stories, and through them, the story of Estonia’s transformation, is told in the No Boundaries project.

Sten Tamkivi

Skype, Teleport

Ott Kaukver

Skype, Twilio

Steve Jurvetson

Draper Jurvetson Fisher

Andrus Viirg

Enterprise Estonia Silicon Valley

Kristel Kruustük


Rainer Sternfeld

Planet OS, Intertrust

Toomas Hendrik Ilves

President of Estonia, 2006 – 2016

The No Boundaries project documents the story of modern Estonia through the story of how the lives, identity, ideas, values and worldview of Estonian entrepreneurs active in Silicon Valley have been shaped by freedom, creativity and innovation, through a series of filmed in-depth interviews which also captures their family background and their view of the past.


The project is produced by Pacific Virtual Reality for the Centre for Estonian and Baltic Studies at Stanford University Library in cooperation with historians and the Museum of Occupations in Tallinn.