With 25 years of experience from the forefront of brand and content development, strategic communications, digital media development and technical solutions, we combine the power of creative communication and brand- and business strategy with strong ideas, vivid storytelling and the latest communication technology to inform, inspire and engage – achieving communication and strategic business goals for our clients by energizing and elevating brands, messaging and causes with rich, compelling content and elegant, exciting solutions.

We create and shape long-lasting communications, enabling our clients and partners to reach wider and engage more deeply with their core audiences.

Our clients range from government agencies, think tanks and NGOs to major global brands such as Sony, Virgin, Nokia, Ericsson, Arup and BMG, to leading non-profit organizations such as the National Wildlife Federation, Stanford University and the Atlas Network.


Awarded for our creative and effective strategic international communications, we develop strategies, platforms, campaigns and partnerships to reach brand- and business goals, using strong concepts and innovative brand development.


As creative directors and producers, we create engaging, compelling  media content with our world-class teams.

We specialize in producing digital media, managing all aspects needed to create modern, compelling media for any channel, including deployment – ranging from apps to web, film, graphic design and print, social media and virtual/augmented reality.


Digital technology is our lifeblood. Our mastery of fast-moving, underlying technologies and our passion for exploring new channels enable us to create effective, efficient and creative solutions for any platform.


We create long-lasting, compelling communication platforms using new media in combination with traditional marketing tools, enabling our clients and partners to reach wider audiences, and engage more deeply with their core target groups.